Regardless of how we feel about the pandemic we’re all currently affected by, it’s clear that many parts of people’s everyday lives have changed drastically. Perhaps some for the worse, some for the better – in either case, some changes will likely stick with us for a long time to come.

One positive change that many people have made to deal with the pandemic is an increased routine of cleaning and disinfecting in their homes. As a beneficial complement to thorough handwashing, many people have begun sanitizing many of the common areas in their home, garage, and vehicles.

We all touch hundreds of objects each day, and it’s practically effortless to transfer live viruses or germs from surface to surface. Here’s an idea to help you see how important it is: as you arrive home from essential activities, make it a point to count every single object or surface you touch from the time you put your car in park to the time you sit down on the couch. The number may surprise you!

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