The everyday appliances that we all have in our homes are easy to take for granted. However, they are often some of the biggest contributors to the general wear and tear or significant maintenance issues that take place in a home. This can be the case due to the simple use or misuse of even basic parts of an appliance.

Take as an example the exhaust vent on your typical clothes dryer. When you pull a load of heavy, wet laundry out of your washer and toss it into the dryer, you’re probably not thinking about what happens to the water. Put simply, the dryer spits it out of its’ exhaust vent. Since that’s the case, if an exhaust vent is not pointed outdoors, all of that moisture is locked into your laundry room, wreaking havoc. Another thing to watch out for with the dryer exhaust is the duct itself. Too many sharp corners can cause a fire hazard due to trapped lint.

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