When you turn on the hot water tap in the shower, do you have to wait for a while before you actually get the hot water coming out of the shower-head? For many of us, this is to be expected. It is the way a traditional water heater works. Your hot water will need to travel from the location of the heater to your shower before you see any of it. A traditional water heater is somewhat ineffective, since you lose energy keeping the water in the tank hot, even when no one is using it. You are also limited as to the amount of hot water available to you. If you have a large family, you might have experienced times when the water in the tank simply ran out, and you had to wait for it to heat back up.

If you were to get a tankless water heater, these problems would no longer be an issue.

A tankless water heater is made to heat water up on-demand, thus eliminating the aforementioned problems. They can be installed either at the location of your faucet, or in a central location for the whole house. You will, however, pay extra for a tankless water heater compared to a regular water heater.

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