A fresh coat of paint has long been a relatively simple and cost-effective way to make a room look brand new. Of course, it’s nearly always better to hire a professional if you want the best possible results, but many people are a little bit shy when it comes to painting a room for themselves. However, this is a home improvement task that most homeowners can easily handle.

If you decide that you’re going to try it out, there’s an especially important thing to know – which type of paint to use. Oil-based paint is very durable, but to clean up your painting equipment, you’ll need paint thinner. Also, oil-based paints take longer to dry. If you decide to go with latex paint, dry times are much faster, and it’s easier to clean up. Once you decide which type of paint you’ll use, the choice of brush type will already be made for you, since brushes are typically made specifically for types of paint.

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