As the country is seeing another wave of increased COVID-19 infections and subsequent restrictions, many states have been hit hard by economic uncertainty. While this isn’t really a home inspection topic, we want to help in whatever way we can. As an example, here are a couple of simple suggestions that can help you save money on groceries.

Focus on the important things. While it’s usually the more specialty items that are purposely marketed to tantalize us, the fact is that staple items that last a long time are a lot more cost-effective. Rice, canned beans, oats, and other pantry items will go a lot farther toward reducing your monthly grocery bill than other items.

Buy in bulk and share with others. We are not recommending that you hoard any groceries, but rather, take advantage of wholesale prices. If what you’re buying has an expiration date, it may be a good idea to split the purchase with someone else.

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